Want to be more productive and finish what you start? The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your approach to tasks and find new ways of accomplishing your priorities.

We have compiled a small list of seemingly simple tips that we adhere to in our work and which help us effectively solve the challenges we face. We hope they are helpful!

1. Prioritize your tasks and don’t try complete them at all at once. Invest your energy in what is really important.

2. Making a list of tasks for the day. This helps to determine what needs to be accomplished during the day and avoid anxiety about the unfinished tasks after the work hours.

3. Start the day with the most unpleasant task from this list. Postponing unpleasant, but important, tasks always leads to anxiety, which drains your energy. Get into a good habit to tackling those tasks first.

4. Don’t forget to take breaks especially during intense work days (you can find the time, we promise). During this moments we let our thoughts to roam free which helps our mind to come up with better solutions to complex problems.

5. Expand your horizon and find new sources of information and inspiration. New knowledge provides new opportunities.

6. Pay more attention to the people around you and see if you can see things from their perspective. It helps to see the whole picture and better understand the people you work with.

7. Follow the Lean principles in daily activities. This will help identify the most important processes in life and optimize them, which will release time and energy for new tasks.