Hello and welcome to Lena Levine Studio. We are starting a series of articles in which you can learn more about how we lead our projects and what results you should expect at the end of each project stage.

We typically divide the work on the project into seven stages:

1. Introduction and evaluation of the project;
2. Discovery
3. Planning and detailed scope of work
4. Design;
5. Development;
6. Quality assurance and testing;
7. Support and maintenance

Let’s start from the beginning.


Team members from Lena Levine Studio side:

– Account manager

After you send us your project request, our account manager will follow up with you within 24 hours. He or she will clarify project information and request additional technical details to learn more about your project objectives and challenges that you’re trying to resolve.

Introduction stage is a good time for us to asses project requirements and for you to learn more about our expertise.

After we review the scope of work, we provide you with a preliminary project budget and the timeline. If either of those does not fit your expectations, we always try to offer an alternative solution to make it work. If it still doesn’t satisfy your criteria then we wrap it up at this stage, no feelings hurt 🙂

If the estimated budget works for you, then we kick off a Discovery project phase.