TASK:  re-design the website for a plant based lifestyle company to increase sales for their events, food line, meal planner and other revenue generators.

Engine 2 is a plant based lifestyle company founded by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Rip Esselstyn. The previous Engine 2 website had infrastructure dating back to 2009 and as a result of its age and outdated protocols, led to a poor user experience. This resulted in decreased traffic to core pages, decreased newsletter subscriptions and contributed to unrealized revenue goals.

Working together with client’s internal marketing team, Lena Levine Studio designed and built a website with a more organic, clean experience. Particular consideration was given to the natural progression through the site, with clear, relevant calls to action included on each page.

The use of modular elements on the homepage allowed Engine 2 to highlight its core initiatives in a clean, uncluttered way. The modular design continues on the subpages for an organic feel that encourages users to explore beyond what originally brought them to the site.  

Organization of the Engine 2 exclusive food line from Whole Foods Market presented a unique challenge. WIth more than 100 items across several categories, presenting the information without overwhelming site visitors required custom coding to collapse data and expose only the content needed at any given time. WIth a highly engaged brand, customer access was key. The contact us page is simple an inviting, creating the feeling of talking “to” Rip while submitting the form.

Within just a few short months, the website had achieved its initial goals for Engine 2. Website traffic increased more than 35% within the first few months of the site launching, with newsletter opt-ins increasing an impressive 50% due to the combined marketing efforts from the client’s side as well as improved website functionality.