The first step in creating Voca’s website was researching the task and exploring the client’s preferences. We sought to get familiar with the brand and it’s target audience.  

We took what we learned and explored different ideas of page structure and examples of interactive elements with moodboarding.

After presenting the moodboards, the client likes the dynamic feel in the design to match the dynamic lifestyle of the consumers. With the information we’ve gathered, we start to work on home page design concepts.


Voca sunglasses uniquely combine fashionable design and high-tech research behind their frames and lenses. We want website visitors to learn about all the amazing features and get excited about the product. Home page layout plays around with idea of a fashion magazine to properly present this high-end product.  

The client prefers the 2nd option. We move forward adding minor tweaks, further conceptualizing the interactive element, and drawing a mobile version. 

Once the home page has been finalized, attention shifts to developing ways to craft the technology pages in a way that is an engaging, sensory experience for the customer. 

Moving on to the product page, we drafted several versions all seeking a high impact visual experience for the customer with clear emphasis on the technology involved in the glasses. 

Careful consideration was taken to craft a clear and easy to use shopping page and a seamless checkout experience